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Blu Cigs cartridges are designed to make vaping easier. With the atomizer built into each cartridge, there is no need to clean or replace it. Every time you change cartridges, you get a fresh atomizer for a more flavorful and thicker vapor.

Blu Cigs cartridges are filled with smoke juice made by industry leader Johnson Creek. Master mixers at Johnson Creek’s Wisconsin facilities make each fresh batch by hand, using only US-made ingredients to guarantee maximum flavor and performance.

The e-liquid formula in Blu Cigs cartridges contains USP-grade glycerin, citric acid, distilled water, nicotine, and natural and artificial flavors.

There have been health concerns about the use of propylene glycol in e-cigarettes. Propylene glycol is the ingredient that makes it possible for vapers to blow rings of smoke. Unfortunately, it has been associated with toxic antifreeze. If you belong to the same school of thought, you’ll be glad to know that Johnson Creek’s smoke juice is PG-free.

Because Johnson Creek uses vegetable glycerin instead of propylene glycol, the vapor produced by Blu ecigs is lackluster when compared to PG-based vapor from other e-cigarette brands.

The flavors from Johnson Creek are definitely top-notch. And you know they are safe for you because they are made from the best ingredients and mixed using the highest standards in quality control.

blu cigs cartridges

Blu Cigs cartridges are available in seven scrumptious flavors designed for every taste bud and lifestyle.

The original Blu flavor, Classic Tobacco, is a proprietary blend of Burley and Brightleaf tobaccos. Flue-cured Cavendish is added to bring out the natural sweetness. If you enjoy the taste and hit of a rich, full-flavored tobacco cigarette, then Blu Classic Tobacco is perfect for you.

Cool, refreshing, and striking yet subdued, Magnificent Menthol cartridges deliver an aromatic, sub-zero surge of icy-cold tranquility. Peppermint, spearmint, and natural menthol crystals invigorate as they calm and revitalize as they soothe.

Vivid Vanilla combines the complex floral aroma of Tahitian vanilla with the rich, velvety flavor of Madagascar Bourbon vanilla. Expertly cured to ideal moisture levels with just a hint of sweetness, Vivid Vanilla captures the allure and pure essence of one of nature’s most beguiling flavors.

A burst of Black Cherry swaddled in Maraschino undertones and blended with the dark mahogany blush of juicy Bing cherries, Cherry Crush is a tantalizingly tangy, potent, punchy and sweet addition to the Blu Cigs flavor range.

With a warm, inviting aroma and an unmistakable coffee bean taste, Java Jolt evokes the laidback rhythm of coffee house culture and quaint sidewalk cafés. Always good to the last drop, Java Jolt is pure robust e-cigarette flavor that any discerning coffee connoisseur will love.

With every puff of Piña Colada, you’ll encounter a wave of Cayenne pineapple and silky-smooth coconut milk flavoring that’s pure paradise. A single cartridge floods your mouth with a tasty concoction that evokes tropical bliss.

Aromatically pleasing and delightfully sweet, Peach Schnapps is a non-alcoholic overture of sun-ripened Clingstone peaches and spice flavorings blended with the distinct taste of distilled spirits. Each delicious puff packs a peach punch that is guaranteed to satisfy.

Blu Cigs flavor cartridges are offered in four nicotine concentrations:

  • full-flavored (13-16mg)
  • light (9-12mg)
  • ultra light (6-8mg)
  • zero

The mouthpiece of each Blu flavor cartridge is covered with a silicone tip to prevent leakage. One-hole intake allows for maximized draw and resistance for a real cigarette feel.

Each Blu Cigs cartomizer lasts for about the same amount of time as one pack of cigarettes. Depending on how many flavor packs you purchase at one time, you can get them for as low as $1.92 per cartridge.

Blu Cigs only sells prefilled cartridges. Refilling them with e-liquid will void the warranty.