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Blu Cigs is one of the first ecig brands to provide smokers with a true alternative to tobacco cigarettes. Blu e-cigs deliver an authentic smoking experience – the taste in your mouth, the feel on your fingers, the throat hit, everything is almost real. And with a Blu Cigs coupon code, the sensation is even better.

The cheapest Blu Cigs starter kit costs around $70, but with a Blu Cigs discount code you could pay 10 to 25 percent less the store price. The promo code also applies to refill cartomizers, giving you a 5-pack for only $10.80 instead of $12.

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Blu Cigs is the fastest-selling ecig brand on the Internet with the highest traffic conversion rate in its category. The success of Blu coincides with the electronic cigarette boom. More and more smokers are switching to ecigs because companies like Blu Cigs are making it easy for them to do so.

Blu Cigs not only sells e-cigarettes. It is selling freedom. With Blu Cigs you can smoke anywhere, free from those glaring looks from the non-smoking public.

Blu Cigs takes pride in using only US-made ingredients in its e-liquid, formulated by hand at Johnson Creek’s Wisconsin facilities. Johnson Creek’s smoke juice is known for its rich, dead-on taste.

One thing that differentiates Blu Cigs from the competition is its proprietary Blu Pack. Molded in the same size and shape of a cigarette flip-top, the Blu Pack can hold up to five flavor cartridges and charge your spare battery on the go.

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